Sunday, November 16, 2008

Test Write-up no. 2

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mervs said...

Good day Father!

Ave Maria!

I am Mervyn Perez, an avid admirer of history. I wrote this letter to bring to your attention my personal plight. I know you're the right man for the task, since you are part of the Clergy of Pasig, So here it goes:

Recently, it was my chance to visit the historical city of Pasig. I went to Santa Clara de Montefalco Parish, in Caniogan, the tallest Church in the Philippines. After seeing that, I noticed that an old, dilapidated chapel lay in waste. I soon realized that this was the old site of the Church. I got sad because it is not well taken care of-- no roof, rusty doors, crumbling walls. If I am not mistaken, this is a Spanish-style parish, with the seal of the Augustinian Order at the crest of the main door. The local residents say that this may be torn down. For me, this chapel, though it cannot accommodate the growing number of the faithful, must not be led to waste. First because it has been dedicated for a sacred purpose, that is, for the worship of God. Secondly, this has been a milestone in history, a memento of the past. Should this be demolished or made to another structure, a part of our past will be erased forever.

maybe the respective parish may just restore it and make it useful, like a Funeral Chapel or something.

i don't have the funds to restore it, nor the connections to clamor for it. I only have my mind to write about it, and heart to pray for it, so that those with power to put their hands on it.

I really appreciate you and others who really work hard to allow us, they youth, and the future generations, to have a rich chronicle of our glorious past, as Filipinos.

Thank you very much.

Respectfully Yours,

mervyn Perez

mervs said...

btw.. i also informed the National Historical Institute Chair, Mr. Ambeth Ocampo, to look into the matter. thank you po!