Thursday, April 14, 2011

Letter from His Eminence, Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, D.D.

28 March 2011

Dear Bishops, Brother Priests, Religious Men and Women and Lay Faithful,


I am writing to thank all of you for responding to the invitation to gather at the Quirino Grandstand last Friday, March 25 and stand for God’s gift of LIFE.

As I witnessed the tens of thousands of you filling up the huge space that extended out into the park and beyond, my heart swelled with gratitude at the commitment to the cause of life that you expressed with your presence. Parish priests and parishioners, leaders and members, young people, office workers, fellow Bishops, Priests Religious—you heeded the call to prayer, albeit made with such short notice and trooped to Luneta, by foot, in buses and jeepneys alone and in groups.

The Lord sees the fervor and zeal in your hearts, and I am sure He is pleased. Thank you, too, to all who couldn’t be with us physically but were with us through radio and internet live streaming, and who played with us.

Thank you to all the people who worked for the event: the Bishops and Priests who organized their parishioners, the Lay Organizations and Movement, the Family and Life Commissions and Transparochial Communities. Thank you, too, to our brothers and sisters of different faiths, denominations and sects who joined in our prayer.

Let us continue to allow God’s grace to work in us a firm resolve to always celebrate life, protect life from conception to natural death/ Our battle is not for votes but for a change of heart, to build in each person, a strong Christian character that is moral and guided by the right conscience.

We continue to pray for our lawmakers. We also pray that the proposed law—and all other laws that could henceforth come—in our legislature that does not contribute to the building up of the human person to his or her full integral and moral development may be thwarted.

Once again, thank you very much! God Love and Bless you always!

In Jesus and Mary,


Archbishop of Manila

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