Saturday, March 22, 2014

Homiletic Tips for 5th Sunday of Lent, a

By Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, DD
Bishop of Pasig

God brings life to us who are dead because of sin.

1) Rdg from Ezekiel: God raises up the Israelite people from their graves who have been buried because of sin; 

2) Resp Psalm: The Lord's mercy and forgiveness redeems us so we can experience eternal life; 

3) Rdg from Romans: Paul writes that if the Spirit of Christ lives in us, we are no longer dead because of sin; 

4) Gospel of John: Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead showing us that he is triumphant over death and sin; 

5) A final thought: Why is it that we fear death but do not fear sin? If we just realize that when we sin, we sort of experience some kind of death in our souls, then we should fear committing sin.
Advise to preachers

"How good it is when priests, deacons and the laity gather periodically to discover resources which can make preaching more attractive!" (EG 159).

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