Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Homiletic Tips for 16th Sunday in Ordinary time

by Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, D.D.

God forgives our sins and in our weakness.  He patiently allows us to grow in our love for him.

1) Reading from Wisdom: God's care for us is manifested in giving us hope by granting repentance after we sin; 

2) Resp. Psalm: Our Lord is good and forgiving; 

3) Reading from Romans: The proof of God's forgiving love and compassion is that the Spirit helps us in our weakness; 

4) Gospel of Matthew: Not immediately removing the weeds among the wheat is God's assurance of his mercy and love, giving us a chance to come back to him, to change and to become a better Christian; 

5) Mercy invites us to: M-eekness in humility, E-nter the heart of our compassionate God, R-epent of our sins, C-orrect our faults, and Y-earn for a life dedicated to God; 

6) A final thought: "God's face is that of a merciful Father/Mother who is always patient. A little bit of mercy will make the world less cold and more just." (from the book--A Year with Pope Francis)

Advise to preachers: May your preaching instill in the hearts of your hearers the mercifullove of Jesus.

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